Our company ZPC Milanówek
is very proud of its heritage
and traditional methods of sweets production.

We follow traditional manufacture to ensure that our excellent quality products consistently outperform consumers expectations.

We make sure our products are recognized by their smooth creamy fudge taste.

We are present in many markets.

Our success comes from our professional approach which is ingrained into our great support team who have been with our business for many years in order to drive excellent customer service. We have a wealth and depth of knowledge in our production and engineering capabilities. We are able to offer production facilities which offer compliance with all EU and American standards and can share our certification below. This covers all areas such as production, packing and logistics.

We are proud to hold all major quality certificates, IFS and BRC as shown.

Our continued focus on our service and quality mean that our customers and ranges continue to grow.

We are still a family company with the same common values and beliefs. We do what we like to do.

That is why our clients love our sweets, and our extensive team likes to work with their colleagues giving great pleasure and satisfaction to the consumer.